Introduction to Photoshop

If you are completely new to Adobe Photoshop this is where you start. Adobe Photoshop is an enormous program and can be quite daunting to the beginner. This module will give you an introduction to the program, showing you all of the main processes.

This module will start by looking at the tools and key presses in Photoshop. We will then move on to setting up and understanding your digital manipulation environment. You will gain confidence with the main processes of scanning the image, manipulation, and finally print out - what is printed is just how you wanted it to be!

The second part of the module looks at the general processes that you will find in a typical Photoshop session: When you scan an image in, you will want to get the tone and colour correct, you will more than likely want to cut a subject out so that you can manipulate it separately from the rest of the image.

Module Contents:

1 Tools & Options
2 Modifier & Quick Keys
3 Setting Up the Monitor
4 Monitor to Print (RGB - CMYK)
5 Scanning
6 Tonal & Colour Control
7 Sharpness (USM)
8 Creating Masks
9 Colour Selections & Quick Masks
10 Layers
11 Internet Essentials: Photographs & Graphics
12 File Formats


Identify Tools & Dialogue Boxes
Tonal & Colour Correction
Cut Out Subject and Manipulate on Separate Layer