Making Images Sparkle

Professional printers will tell you that there are thousands of different ways an image can be printed. In reality, there is only one - The way you want it!

This module is all about tonal and colour control. Looking at two aspects: Global image control - governing the overall style and mood of the image, and Local and low level control - gently altering tones to build up subtle intensity

The second part of the module looks at the general processes that you will find in a typical Photoshop session: When you scan an image in, you will want to get the tone and colour correct, you will more than likely want to cut a subject out so that you can manipulate it separately from the rest of the image.

Module Contents:

1 Basic Levels Adjustment
2 Sharpness - Unsharp Mask (USM)
3 Hue / Saturation
4 Replacing Colour
5 Colour Balance
6 Curves
7 Channel Mixer (B/W Tonal Control)
8 Duotones
9 Cross-Processing
10 Painting with Colour
11 Added Extras!
12 Play & Projects


Identify Tools & Dialogue Boxes
Enhance & print your images (or use supplied images)