Selections and Masks

The key to the success of digital manipulation is the preparation of a good mask.

A poorly created mask can be obvious even to people without a trained eye. The image simply doesnÔ??t look right, and our minds tell us that the image we are looking at is false.

Fantastic images start with accurate masks - however producing them can be quite time consuming and laborious. This module provides some clever solutions to your masking problems - providing you with techniques that will enable you to create sophisticated masks quickly and simply.

Module Contents:

1 Marquee Tools
2 Lasso Tools
3 Modifying Selections
4 Loading & Saving Selections
5 Colour Selections & Quick Mask
6 Unwanted Pixels
7 The Extract Command
8 Background & Magic Eraser
9 Channel Mixer
10 Paths (Pen Tools)
11 Play & Projects


Identify selection tools and commands.
Produce masks for different images.