Layers are the lynch pin of Photoshop - they hold all of the keys to building up high quality complex images. If you use Photoshop you probably will have used layers. But do you know just how much you can do with them? Layers can be made to create some stunning compositions.

This module will start by re-enforcing the principals behind layers, then move on to looking at some practical examples

Fantastic images start with accurate masks - however producing them can be quite time consuming and laborious. This module provides some clever solutions to your masking problems - providing you with techniques that will enable you to create sophisticated masks quickly and simply.

Module Contents:

1 Operating Layers
2 Creating Layers, Linking & Locking
3 Text Layers & Styles
4 Opacity, Modes & Layer Masking
5 Advanced Layer Masking
6 Clipping Groups & Paths
7 Advanced Blending Options
8 Alignment
9 Additional Features
10 Play & Projects


Modify Layer Opacity & Blending Modes.
Modify Advanced Layer Blending Modes.
Create a layer mask