Photoshop Elements

Photoshop Elements is the product from Adobe for those people who do not need the complexities of Photoshop. Many of the commands of its bigger brother (Photoshop CS) are laid out in a similar way. The advantage Elements has over other programs of a similar price tag is that you can upgrade Elements to Photoshop. This way, if you decide that you really enjoy image manipulation and want to progress further you do not have to learn a completely different program, because you have already been learning it!

This module has been specifically designed for Elements. It will start by looking at the tools and key presses in Elements. Then, we will move on to setting up and understanding your digital manipulation environment. You will gain confidence with the main processes of scanning the image, manipulation and finally print out ?? what is printed is just how you wanted it to be!

Fantastic images start with accurate masks - however producing them can be quite time consuming and laborious. This module provides some clever solutions to your masking problems - providing you with techniques that will enable you to create sophisticated masks quickly and simply.

Module Contents:

1 Tools & Options.
2 Modifier & Quick Keys
3 Setting up the Monitor
4 Scanning
5 Tonal & Colour Control
6 Sharpness (USM)
7 Marquee Tools
8 Creating Masks
9 Layers
10 Hue / Saturation

Additional Module (Optional):

11 Replace Colour
12 Painting with Colour
13 Background & Magic Eraser
14 Semiotic Theory
15 Print Resolution
16 Image History & File Structure
17 File Formats