Digital photography has been with us for a while now, and I think 99.9% of us love it. The ability to see what you have just photographed, to make refinements and soot again to create the perfect shot is amazing

Digital cameras rely upon computers in order to function at their best. This incurs the problem of 'Computer jargon' which will be translated into 'English' !

The module is divided into three areas:

Digital Technology:

1. Human Vision Created Electronically (Bits & Bytes & The CCD Chip)
2. Image Size
3. Image Qulaity

Taking Photographs:

4. White Balance
5. Sensitivity to Light
6. Metering
7. Auto Exposure Lock
8. Don??t Bother!

Photo Software

9. Setting up the Monitor
10. Tonal & Colour Control
11. Sharpness
12. Sending as an e-mail attachment.