For over 15 years I have run workshops for people from all walks of life. I enthuse people to be as creative as possible and really get the most out of the workshop. Whether it is photography, film making, design or VJ workshops, there is always an idea that can be tailored to suit any need.

I have worked with young offenders, schools and colleges of all age ranges, councils, teachers and people in care homes. Sharing knowledge and getting people to use their inherent creativity is a pleasure and an honour.

Example projects include:

- Photography workshops with school pupils aged 6-8
- Website design and development - young pupils aged 8-12
- VJ Performance workshops - young people aged 8-12
- Art book photography project with young people aged 12-16
- Photograhy exhibtion young people agend 12-16 "Streetsport"
- Create a photographic pack of cards - young people aged 14-16
- Digital photography workshops with pupils aged 14-16
- Community photography exhibition - older people aged 70+

- Video production Youth Inclusion Team
- Video documentary with Young Offenders Team
- Video documentary with differently abled young people
- Community documentary video project with large scale projections "Inside out"
- Community exhibition "Leaving care"
- Community exhibition "There I am"
- Youth arts photography "body parts"
- Youth arts photography "super heros"
- Video production - young peoples theatre
- Creating a pack of cards "Victem awareness"
- Young peoples photography exhibition "Through my eyes"

- VJ (Video Jockey) project to train art teachers how to use VJ software in schools
- Video backdrop for young peoples dance performance
- Community photography project at Weacock Farm Community Centre