I work systematically to identify what makes media productions effective. I am skilled at researching, scripting, organisation, and people skills - so everything is ready when the cameras roll. I put talented teams together for bigger projects.


I always work collaboratively and I am passionate about making the best work possible. I have a wide range of professional equipment including Canon cameras, lighting, sound recording, steady-cam, and a drone.


I am a quick and experienced editor - sorting footage and making film magic happn. Films sparkle to life with music, graphics, dubbing, and colour grading. An industrial grade Apple Mac computer sits at the heart of my edit suite.


Let me livestream your event on social media. I pioneered livestreaming back in 2002 and use the latest technologies including simultaneous and on-location streaming using interactive technologies.



I have 23 years of professional experience in web design. I use the very best tools so you don't need to code! I specialise in creating user friendly layouts using proven approaches to design and storytelling.


I had my first camera when I was just 10 years old. I put myself in the right place at the right time to get beautiful shots. I am skilled at event photography and I put people at their ease - easily.

DAY RATE: £300HALF DAY: £150

Discounts for charities and good causes.