Planning and development work helps to transform good ideas into a great film projects. I work systematically to identify what will make the production both effective and entertaining. I pride myself on my research, scripting, organisation, and people skills to get everything ready for when the cameras roll. I can put together brilliant teams the deliver bigger projects.


To ensure the best results are realised, I work collaboratively with everyone involved in the production process. I have a wide range of professional filming equipment including Canon cameras, lighting, sound recording, a gimbal for steady-cam shots, and a drone. I am passionate about making films that inspire action and that improve the world in some small way.


The edit suite is where the magic happens and it’s where the final film comes together after the raw footage has been sorted, reviewed and carefully selected. I have an up-to-date edit suite using Adobe Creative Cloud software on an industrial grade Mac computer for fast and effective editing. Music, graphics, colour grading, and sound dubbing - it’s all ready to make your films sparkle into life!


It’s now so easy to professionally broadcast your show or event live on social media platforms. I pioneered live-streaming back in 2002, and have kept up-to-date with all the latest technologies including simultaneous live-streams, remote guests, and streaming live from outdoor locations. I do all of this with a super powerful computer and wifi camera technologies.



I specialise in creating websites that matter to users by engaging them in a journey of effective communications. I have over 20 years professional experience in web development. Today I use the very best tools and make websites that require no coding - so you can focus on creating great content and developing your business.


I am great at events and social photography as I am good with people and can put them at the easy - easily. Photography is my first love and I have my own small studio and I run my own wedding photography business. I put myself in the right place at the right time to get the right shots.

DAY RATE: £350HALF DAY: £175

Discounts for charities and good causes.